Bandit Greets Shoppers
at La Bohème

I love La Bohème! The magic and heart of St Helena is truly captured in this charming re-sale shop. Karen’s eye for design and gift of hospitality make this shop a “must see”. It’s always top of my list of places I recommend to anyone who is heading to St Helena. Not only is La Bohème filled with unsurpassed finds, Karen likely has info on the life and history of the items in the store.

We live it seems in a “Home Goods” world. Cheap, quick stuff that won’t have a past and certainly no history ever. La Bohème is filled with beautiful, cherished goods ready to begin a new life. I have purchased furniture, fabric, amazing wine glasses, cowboy boots, clothing, artwork, baskets, books, lamps, Christmas items and more from La Bohème.

I teach sewing in my home studio in the middle of a beautiful almond orchard in Modesto. I begin the first day by showing the student the many pieces of custom hand tailored clothing I’ve purchased at La Bohème. It’s impossible to explain the wonder of seeing a “French seam” for the first time.

In closing, December 2014, my beloved, beautiful 32 year old niece was diagnosed with incurable stage 4 lung cancer. I have no words to describe the trauma and grief that gripped me as she began her 4 year fight. I was in La Bohème that first week and Karen asked what was going on – I shared. Karen quietly listened as I poured out my anger, my grief, my disbelief. She comforted me of course… and then came wisdom — “remember that Kerri is still here, it’s a season to enjoy her. There will be time for grief when she’s gone”. I’ll always remember the way she changed the way I would walk the path ahead.

La Bohème is a gift to St Helena! Not just for the shopping but for the community that has been created inside that precious shop. Everyone is so welcomed as we enter – and on the best days, Bandit greets you!”

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