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Threat to Collabria Day Program

The Governor’s May Revise proposes the elimination of Community Based Adult Services (CBAS), which will result in the loss of essential services and denial of care for 37,000 vulnerable seniors and adults with disabilities.

Thousands of vulnerable seniors will be discharged to nursing homes, which are estimated to be the source of nearly 1/2 of all COVID-19 deaths in California.

We urge you to contact your California State representative immediately; the state budget is being finalized NOW. 

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Sample Letter or Email

Item 4260 and 4170 CBAS Elimination

The elimination of CBAS in the May Revise will result in thousands of vulnerable seniors and adults with disabilities losing critical care.

Governor Newsom’s proposed ‘Long Term Care at Home’ program is an idea; it is not a plan or a program and is simply unacceptable as justification for eliminating critical services. Eliminating CBAS will send thousands of vulnerable people who are safe at home into already overburdened nursing homes, which are the source of half of all COVID-19 deaths.

Care at home is also more cost-effective than institutional care: $76 per day for CBAS vs. an average of $220 for skilled nursing facilities.

And, when the Brown administration tried to eliminate CBAS in 2011, elder care advocates sued the administration and succeeding in restoring CBAS funding on grounds that elimination violated the ADA.

The elimination of Adult Day Health Care (CBAS) is immoral, irresponsible, and already determined to be illegal. I urge you to restore CBAS program funding.

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