April 15, 2020

5:30-7:00 p.m.

Anthonia Akabike

PHONE If you are joining by phone rather than video, please call 1-484-301-5361

When prompted, please enter the meeting pin 893 592 247# 

Support Group Meeting Guidelines

Information shared by group participants will be kept confidential within the group. As a mandated reporter, it is the facilitator’s responsibility to seek outside resources in cases of dangerous or possible abusive situations in order to ensure the safety of you and your loved one.

Avoid interrupting other group members so everyone can have equal time to speak

Please respect the varying opinions and experiences of others, and remember that not everyone is asking for advice.

No one is required to talk during the group. Perhaps you just need the company today. This is okay!  You may ask the group for feedback or advice at the end of your turn, or you may let them know that you just wanted to share.

Depending on the size of the group, we may have a limited amount of time for each participant’s check-in. Please try to be mindful of the time. The group facilitator(s) may need to interrupt to make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak. Latecomers may have the opportunity to share as time allows toward the end of the group.

Support Group Meeting Etiquette

We strive to begin and end the group on time.  We encourage group participants to try to arrive on time and to stay for the duration of the group in order to provide as little interruption and as much support for their peers as possible.

Please be sure you are in a quiet, private space while connected to the call. If you need to step away, please mute your mic and turn off your camera until you return, to avoid distractions for the rest of the group.

Please respect other group members by limiting multi-tasking (i.e. eating, typing on your computer, side conversations with people in your home).

Use a headset if possible, for the best audio quality and least feedback. There is also a dial-in number available. If you use the dial-in function for audio, and the Hangouts Meet’s webpage for video, please mute your computer so that there is not an echo.

When you do speak, please introduce yourself by first name each time you speak so group members will know who is talking.

Google Hangouts Meet Tips

You can access Google Hangouts Meet through any supported web browser, or by downloading the Meet app on your phone. Currently supported browsers are Chrome and the latest version of Firefox–it will NOT work properly in Safari, Internet Explorer, or other browsers.

Google Hangouts Meet will use your computer’s camera, speakers, and microphone. It’s important to find somewhere quiet to participate because the microphone will pick up the sound of whatever is loudest in your surroundings. You may want to use a headset or headphones for the best audio quality and to reduce background noise.

Another option is to use the dial-in number as your audio connection. If you do this, please mute the audio from your computer.