Ceremony of Remembrance & Art from the Heart Show

On Saturday, August 3rd we celebrated the life of many of our loved ones at our annual Ceremony of Remembrance. There was an uplifting ceremony honoring loved ones, a sacred musical tribute, and an art exhibition by artists who have processed their grief and loss through painting and photography. 

Artwork by Scott Chapell

We Remember

Celebrating and Honoring Our Loved Ones
Tribute Donations Received July 1 – August 30, 2019

In Loving Memory

Antoinette Alegria
Mary Ann Anamosa
Roger Louis Asbill
Russell Aves
Grace and Peno Banducci
Gerald D. Barnhart
Frances Berlin
Mickey Bertozzi
John R. Bishop
Harry Leland Bjerkhoel
Michael E. Black
Bill Bryant
Sally Bryant
Bill Buechner
Delia Bunnell
Robert A. Buth
George Cassinos
Eugene “Oney” Clahan
Charles Steve Cole
Julie Coon
Milton Walter Crabb
George William Crane, Jr.
Eugene H. Cross
Edith Marie Darr
William Darr, Jr.
Lorraine David
Robert David
Janice Gilfeather Dyer
Nancy Engleman
Marian Erikson
Deborah A. Estrada
Donald F. Evans
Joel Falcon
Jeffrey T. Frey
John Gainza
Lodovico “Vic” Gamba
William Romero Garibaldi
Faye Gonsalves
Carol Graff
Sheldon Grinnell
Linda Haseltine
Dan Healy
Larry M. Hekmaty

Arthur C. Hemphill, M.D.
Lon Hitchiner
Rod Hitchiner
Richard Hoppe
Jo Ann Horton
Charles E. “Chuck” Jones, Jr.
Donald L. Jones
Morris and Mary Kantz
Ruth Karsten
Everett E. Karsten
Michael D. Kimlinger
Leroy “Lee” Klein
Irving Kraft
Evelyn Kraft
Billy Gene Langhofer
Jennie Levy
Kay Luthi
Dorothy McDonald
Anthony “Tony” R. Merlonghi
Violet May Metro
Murle “Pete” Miller
Frank Mario Molinari
Chula J. Mori
P.M., Tina, and Phil Morisoli
William K. Nystrom
Catherine Papale
Rose Helen Pease
Dorothy Porfidio
Bernold Rankenburg
Dr. Hugh L. Reat
Margaret D. Reat
Judy Reed
Judy Lynn Reilly
Ronald Richards
Patricia Robison
Eloise Rota
Albert A. Ruh
Sue Ruh
Ofelia Sanchez
Betty E. Sander
Betty Thorpe Sander
Joseph John Scholl, Jr.
Joseph X. Scholl
Donald L. Sears

George M. Shiffler, Jr.
Paul E. Silva
Gloria J. Silva
Reginald L. Simerville
Darlene Stukey
Dr. Mostafa J. Tabatabai
Norma Jeanne Pridmore Tarap
Verlain Terrell
Wayne Terrell
Kathy Thibaut
Imolee K. Watras
Greg Wedner
Judy Werris
Ramona Margaret West
John Williams
Ferne Williams
Manuel P. Williams
Doris Winters
Arthur Wolf
Alexander Yatchmenoff, Jr.
Barton J. Yatchmenoff

In Honor Of

Dr. Gertrudis C. Agcaoili
Family Legacy
Dolores Barbarick
Collabria Care Staff
and Volunteers
Janeen Fabulae
Geronimo Gonzales
Medea Harper
Barbara Jackson


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one to this list?

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