Collabria Care continues to provide our full range of services, with adaptation to ensure the health and safety of our patients, program participants, staff, and the general public. Below is a summary of the current state of our programs and services.


Resilience means having the grit to get through tough times, feeling confident in yourself and your abilities, bouncing back from adversity, and being in control of stress so that you can move forward and thrive.



414 South Jefferson St. remains closed to the public
There are a few exceptions, for example, deliveries are still being received. Please do not show up at the building without prior arrangement.


Hospice & Palliative Services
No change. Staff continues to be available 24/7, following all infection control and screening protocols.

Day Program
The Day Program has moved to a mobile model with services continuing to be offered by phone, online, and through home visits. Staff can be contacted by phone, at 707.258.9087, Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Onsite services have been suspended for now. Family consultations, caregivier support, and memory screenings continue to be available.

We are now offering a full calendar of online activities for our Day Program Participants. You can see an example a recent schedule below.

SCHEDULE – Example
Monday – BINGO with Pat 11:00
Monday – Breathe, Stretch, 12:00
Monday – Meditate with Veronna 1:30
Monday– Karaoke with Liz and Gary 3:00
Tuesday – Exercise with Dolores and Barbara 11:30
Tuesday – Art with Liz and Rosa 1:00
Tuesday – Allan’s Music Memory 3:00
Wednesday – Sports Talk with Barbara 11:30
Wednesday–Support Group with Anthonia 1:30
Wednesday – Science with Terry 3:00

We offer training participants and/or their caregivers who have not yet participated, so they can access Zoom, and join in the fun.

Information & Assistance
I&A is open, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and is actively supporting seniors through this crisis. Spanish language support is available. Call Tiffanie Walker at 707.253.4248 for assistance.

We are in serious need of Caregivers for the Caregiver Referral Registry to care for seniors in the community. Click here to learn more or email Tiffanie at

We are also in need of volunteers who can drive seniors to various appointments. Please contact Anne House at or 707.815.7065. We appreciate your support and referrals.

UpValley Village
UpValley Village continues to provide support and connections to the necessary resources to its members by phone. Call Tracy Rodriguez-Biggs at 707.815.0217 for assistance.

“UpValley Village has continued full operations during the pandemic, “ writes Program Manager, Tracy Rodriguez-Biggs. “We have been able to continue providing support to our members by picking up and delivering items, anything from groceries, medications, and other necessary items. We have also continued to provide medically necessary transportation to our villagers as other means of transportation in the community have become limited.

Grief Support 

One-on-one sessions and support groups are being conducted by phone or video communication (Zoom, Facetime, etc.). Call our main number, 707.258.9080 for assistance. 

Honoring Choices Napa Valley
HCNV has temporarily suspended all events and hospital visits until further notice. For patients in need of Advance Care Planning assistance, please call or email at 707.287.5937 /


Both La Bohème and Act II have reopened. Visit for details and hours.