Qualifying medical devices include, but are not limited to:

Aerosol Tent
Air Mattress/Hospital Bed
Apnea Monitor
Breather Machine (IPPB)
Compressor / Concentrator
Dialysis Machine
Electronic Nerve Stimulator
Electrostatic Nebulizer
Hemodialysis Machine
Infusion Pump
Inhalation Pulmonary Pressure
Iron Lung
Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
Motorized Wheelchair/Scooter
Oxygen Generator
Pressure Pad
Pressure Pump
Pulse Oximeter/Monitor
Respirator (all types)
Suction Machine
Total Artificial Heart (TAH-t)
Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Vest/Airway Clearance System

Some examples of medical devices that don’t qualify:

Heating Pads
Pool or Tank Heaters
Saunas or Hot Tubs
Whirlpool Pumps


You might be surprised what medical conditions qualify for a lower rate on energy!

Make sure you’re not missing out on savings you’re entitled to! The PG&E Medical Baseline Program is for households that have higher energy needs because someone in the home has a medical condition.

• It provides more energy for you at a lower rate.
• Eligibility is not based on income, just the medical needs of a person in the home.
• If one person qualifies, the entire household receives the lower rate.

Examples of medical equipment that qualify:
• Motorized wheelchairs
• Nebulizers
• IPPB or CPAP machines
• Respirators
• Equipment for other conditions, including those requiring special heating and cooling