Growing with Heart!

Designed for our Collabria Care Day Program participants as they shelter in place.

LaToi Delivers Tomato Plants

Our Day Program participants who are creating a Victory garden at home received tomato plants, thanks to the generosity of our donors, and LaToi who delivered them to homes around the county. The videos below give easy-to-follow instructions for planting the tomatoes.

The Summer Garden: Planting Tomatoes and Peppers

Gardening is an activity that many seniors can participate in. Along with the physical exercise and fresh air, it brings a sense of achievement, especially watching vegetables and fruits grow into ripeness, and enjoyed at the table. This video is an easy “how-to” guide for planting tomatoes and peppers.

History of the Victory Garden

The Collabria Day Program is assisting our participants in creating Victory Gardens in their homes, as a healthy activity and as a reminder that we’ve survived serious challenges in our past history. In this video, Mary Tappan, the Day Program’s Occupational Therapist, offers a brief history of the Victory Garden movement in the US.

Meditate with Veronna

Meditation has a variety of health benefits for everyone. From reducing stress, pain and anxiety to improving sleep it’s a great way to relax the body and mind! 

Exercise at Home

Join the Collabria Care Day Program team and exercise! From basic exericses for fall prevention to doing an easy version of the Macarena, our vidoes will get you moving!