It started when some of his customers at Zumwalt Ford started coming in to have safety locks installed on the passenger door their cars.

“After their spouses were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, they needed to keep their loved ones from opening the car door unexpectedly, to keep them safe,” explains Dave Zumwalt. “It opened my eyes to how hard this disease could be on the caregiver.”

“About the same time, I was looking for a way to volunteer. In 1998, I saw an article in the Napa Valley Register about Collabria Care’s Day Program (then called Adult Day Services) opening to help those with Alzheimer’s or other chronic illnesses and to provide respite for their caregivers. The bell went off in my head: I knew I had found what I was looking for.”

Dave was the first Day Program volunteer and continued for 12 years. “It’s amazing what this program offers not only participants but caregivers. Some people give up careers and other parts of their own life to take care of their parents or spouse. This program relieves such a huge burden. It became my passion.”

Over the years, Dave worked on the organization’s capital campaign, was co-chair for annual fundraisers, and served on the board of directors. And even though he’s retired and sold the car dealership, he still supplies the car for the hole-in-one prize at the annual golf tournament.

“Three or four years ago, I included Collabria Care in my estate plan,” Dave explains, “because it’s a great way to invest in the future health and wellbeing of our community.

“Then it hit me. I am at the age where I have to take a distribution from my IRA each year. Why not put that to work doing some good now?”

“So I give my annual IRA distribution to Collabria Care,” he says.

“Why wait? If you’re receiving a Social Security check or an IRA or 401k distribution that doesn’t make a big difference in your life, donate it and see how it can make a difference in someone else’s.”