Twenty years have passed since an ambitious young social worker, Celine Regalia, opened the doors of Adult Day Services here in Napa. With one participant—one who still attends regularly—she set to work on building what would become an award-winning, leading edge program, which has become the model for many others in California and beyond.

Now known as the Collabria Day Program, we serve approximately 155 participants in Napa County. The Day Program recognizes the family (both participant and their care partners) as the unit of care so support and educational opportunities are available to family members, extending the benefits of care to a much larger population.

The Day Program offers dignity and independence to those who may otherwise need institutional care. It offers much needed respite to the care partners, who can engage in other activities confident that their loved one is being very well cared for while having a lot of fun.

“We offer wrap-around services for the families,” says Celine Regalia, Program Director and Director of Operations at Collabria Care. “Our professional staff includes nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and a host of talented volunteers – all problem solvers who address the many issues that program participants and their care partners face.”

The program is built on the idea of using respect and empowerment to protect or, in some cases, restore participants’ personhood. Their life stories drive the program, so rather than placing individuals in existing activities or programs—putting the peg in an existing hole—Person Centered Care modifies the hole to fit the peg.

If Joan likes quilting, or Tom likes singing, programming is created around those activities in a way that allows those participants to help develop, and often facilitate, the activity.

With Person-Centered Care in Practice by Geboy & Arnold to guide team members, they re-imagined programming to enhance existing physical activity and mental stimulation, and monitored for loneliness and depression, practices shown to improve participants’ brain health.

Collabria Day program is particularly supportive of the care partners, who often suffer isolation, ill health, and financial difficulties while caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other serious illness. “We are in it for the long haul,” says Regalia, “and the care partners know they can rely on us as a long-term solution.”

Collabria Day Program also looks to the future by building relationships with multiple colleges and schools in the Napa Valley Unified School District. Internships offer important training and skills to the next generation, who will need to deal with a larger aging population and soaring rates of Alzheimer’s disease in Napa County. “Twenty years from now,” says Regalia, “we plan on being a flourishing program, caring for the Napa community with the same care, compassion and dignity that we have built our reputation on.”

Karen Proteau, RN
Nursing Services Manager 

Caring with Tenderness and Compassion

Karen Proteau, RN, has been caring for our program participants almost from the start. She and her dedicated team look after the individual health care needs of almost 70 participants daily, many of whom are frail, have complex medical issues or dementia.

“I have seen the program grow from when we reached 10 participants a day, which was a big deal at the time,“ she says.

“Two of the major changes that I have noticed is the increase in the number of participants with dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease and the number of younger participants that are now enrolled.

I get such joy from seeing our participants find a sense of community, as many of them are socially isolated.  I also feel a great sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction when I am able to help someone improve their health, get the medical care that they need, or keep them from having to be admitted to the hospital.”

What Is the Admissions Process for the Day Program?


Make an appointment with the Intake Coordinator for a program visit – 707.258.9087


Complete an application (This includes History & Physical forms that the primary care physician will need to complete)


Once we have received the application and History & Physical forms the Intake Coordinator will call to schedule 2 Evaluation Days.


The First Evaluation Day you will have a complete assessment done by each of our professional staff:  Registered Nurse, Social Worker, Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist.  Also, if indicated by the physician, an assessment will be done by the Dietitian, Speech Therapist and/or Psychologist


The Second Evaluation Day you will finish assessments, enjoy the program and at the end of the day you will sit down with our Social Worker to go over the Individual Plan of Care, created from the assessments.  Together you will choose the days of attendance and complete the enrollment paperwork