Leticia and LaToi Loading Activity Kits

Assembling Activity Packs

As “normal” came to an end with the Shelter in Place mandate enacted, a core group of nurses, social workers, and program staff took on the challenge of continuing care for our participants. The Mobile Day Program was born!

After triaging our most vulnerable participants we serve, nurses and social workers began making wellness checks through phone calls and home visits. Social distancing was added to our established high level of safety procedures.

As the Collabria teams contacted each participant on our acute list, program staff began addressing the social and cognitive needs of our participants. Based on their individual care plans, our program team began developing Activity Kits personalized to the therapeutic needs and goals of each participant. “The Big Room has been transformed into an assembly line of puzzles, art supplies, cognitive stimulating worksheets, exercise guides, caregiver tips, and important information specific to Covid-19 safety,” according to Veronna Ladd, Day Program Manager. “These Activity Kits, both in Spanish and English, are now being delivered to the door of each participant.”

In the coming weeks, more wellness checks will be provided and new kit items will be replenished.  “We want our Day Program community to know that we are still here for them, thinking of them, and doing what we’ve always done in the Day Program – only now we’re bringing many of our services to them,” explains Jill Wood, Program Director.

In an effort to help maintain vital social bonds that participants have developed with their peers, volunteers who facilitate group discussions have begun casual phone chats so that isolated participants can be soothed by their familiar voices. Also, letter writing and card making materials are being included in some kits for participants to correspond with their friends in the Program. In addition, virtual classes are in development to bring meditation, exercise, brain fitness workouts, and important updates to be broadcast via Collabria’s social media sites. Stay tuned for details!

By Veronna Ladd, Day Program Manager