The final session in the “Living Well with Parkinson’s” series took place on October 9th. This was an interactive wellness series with each two-hour session consisting of a presentation followed by a complimentary physical/sensory exercise. The topics covered in the series included:

  1. How to best handle movement disorders such as tremors, stiffening of “freezing.”
  2. Since music stimulates the part of the brain that enables movement to happen without thinking, exercises such as marching and dancing were encouraged.
  3. Learning tools and coping strategies to stay positive
  4. Dealing with anxiety using chair yoga and calming music
  5. Questions to ask your doctor and pharmacist

The series was very well received by those suffering from Parkinson’s disease and the caregivers who attended. “Thank you for this series,” said one attendee. “It was all very relevant and helpful. It is great to have something like this in the community. “Thank you for this informative class,” said another. “It gave me more confidence about my recent Parkinson’s diagnosis.”

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