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Collabria Care – Collabria Hospice (formerly known as Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services) is the leading center for community-based care delivery and resources in the North Bay for individuals and families experiencing the transitions of aging, living with serious illness, or facing the end of life. We aspire to be the premier employer in the Napa Valley for professionals in our field.

What makes Collabria Care unique?

Collabria Care is the ONLY nonprofit (501c3) provider of hospice services, based in the Napa Valley, where we have served for nearly four decades. Our agency offers a continuum of care for individuals and families, tailoring teams of professionals – which may include physicians, nurses, social workers, volunteers, spiritual counselors, and occupational, physical, and speech therapists – to address the needs of each individual and family.

Our spectrum of services is offered through two divisions – Collabria Care and Collabria Hospice – and four service lines. Collabria Care offers Alzheimer’s services, our award-winning Day Program, and Palliative Services; Collabria Hospice offers end-of-life care and bereavement services. This continuum of care makes it possible for us to partner with individuals and families who need us during every step of life’s major transitions.

We’re innovative, we’re values-driven, we’re firmly established! Join the Collabria Care team, and see how you can further your career in service to others.

Nurse Practitioner for Palliative Care

Location: Napa, CA

Job Type: Part-time

Job Description:

1. Adheres to California board of Nursing standards related to assessment, care delivery and ongoing care of patients

2. Accepts intake assignment and start of care/continuation of services as assigned; Performs initial and ongoing comprehensive, accurate, and systematic nursing assessment including accurate start of care documentation; Submits documentation within appropriate time frames; Schedules visits appropriately within Medicare guidelines and standards; Revises schedule based upon patient need

3. Documents clearly concisely in the medical record according to agency policy and Medicare guidelines in a timely manner

4. Coordinates, develops, and updates the plan of care with the participation of the patient, family, physician, and interdisciplinary team members

5. Teaches patient/family/significant other home management of disease process and medication regimen in order to promote optimal level of pain and symptom management

6. Performs ongoing evaluation of patient/caregiver responses to interventions thereby determining progress toward goal attainment and/or revision in the plan of care; Evaluates safety of patient environment and safety equipment; orders equipment as needed

7. Reports pertinent patient assessment and evaluation data to physician/case manager/Nursing Services Manager in a timely manner.

8. Performs Home Health Aide supervisory visits to the patient’s residence as assigned

9. Screens, refers and assists with coordinating the delivery of all services and community resources to the patient/caregiver according to needs

10. Informs the Hospice Case Manager, MSW, physician, and Clinical Services Manager of patient condition and changes in the plan of care

11. Accesses DPCS and resources in regards to ethical, policy and patient care issues

12. Demonstrates knowledge and application of pediatric, adolescent, adult and aging-adult age-specific principles by correctly Answering 9 out of 10 questions on the monthly Age-Specific Post Test, after reading Growing Up With Us…

13. Evaluates safety of patient environment and safety equipment, orders equipment as needed, and updates the plan of care accordingly.

14. Other duties as assigned

Applicant Qualifications

You have requested that Indeed ask candidates the following questions:

  • How many years of Nurse Practitioner experience do you have?

  • How many years of nursing experience do you have?

  • Do you have the following license or certification: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)?

Spiritual Care Provider

Location: Napa, CA

Job Type: Full-time

 Job Description

  1. Assures the initial, comprehensive and ongoing spiritual assessment of Hospice patients/families that includes the spiritual strengths, potential complications and risk factors that affect the patient’s/family’s end-of-life
  2. Participates in the development of the individualized interdisciplinary team care plan to meet identified spiritual needs
  3. Provides direct spiritual care to patients/families that includes spiritual counseling, use of sacred readings, prayer, music, ritual, compassionate presence, and other appropriate modalities in accordance with professional standards of practice and agency protocol
  4. Acts as a liaison between the Hospice team and the client’s clergy or arranges clergy contact for patients who request clergy, but are not associated with a specific spiritual community
  5. Assists families in the planning and conducting of memorial services as requested
  6. Documents all direct services, arranged services, and consultations in a timely manner according to established agency policy and format
  7. Participates in orientation and ongoing training of staff and volunteers regarding role of the Spiritual Care Provider and assisting them in understanding the significant spiritual factors an related to the care of terminally ill patients and their families
  8. Assists other Hospice team members in understanding the spiritual factors related to the patient’s illness; Provides consultation, education and support to other programs within the agency regarding spiritual concerns of their clients/participants
  9. Requests and supports Spiritual Care volunteers assigned to patients/families
  10. Recruits community clergy and spiritual counselors adequate to meet patient/family needs by developing community contacts and offering education through faith groups about hospice care
  11. Participates in planning and conducting community events to educate and support people around issues of grief and loss such as the Annual Memorial Service
  12. Participates in the support services evening, weekend and holiday, on-call rotation as assigned
  13. Other duties as assigned

Physical Therapist (Part Time)

Salary: $24.00 per hour

 Job Type: Part-time

 Job Description:

-Participates in initial and continued assessment of the participant’s needs for the development of the individual plan of care by the interdisciplinary team

-Meets with interdisciplinary team to develop individualized treatment plans and provides physical therapy consultation to the team and individual staff members

-Coordinates the physical therapy program with other Collabria Care services and activities in a cooperative, effective manner

-Prescribes/recommends ambulation aides and other physical therapy equipment for participant use and assistance

-Accurately records participant’s progress on flow sheets and progress notes in a timely manner

-Recommends, as appropriate, individual exercise programs designed to improve, restore and/or generally maintain physical functioning

-Serves as a consultant to participants regarding physical therapy equipment maintenance and repair

-Develops physical therapy maintenance program appropriate for participants in order to prevent further deterioration

-Provides and documents instruction and guidance to Registered Nurse Supervisor and to Therapy Aide for carrying out program

-Documents changes in physician’s orders; Submits written additional orders in a timely manner: Documents communication: Coordinates with other team members

-Stays current in physical therapy trends and management of issues relevant to participants

-Ensure continuing growth in position through education, in-service, and attendance at staff meetings

-Other duties as assigned

Applicant Qualifications

You have requested that Indeed ask candidates the following questions:

  • How many years of therapy experience do you have?
  • What is the highest level of education you have completed?
  • Are you authorized to work in the following country: United States?
  • Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?