Career Opportunities


Collabria Care – Collabria Hospice is a leading center for community-based care delivery and resources in the North Bay for individuals and families experiencing the transitions of aging, living with serious illness, or facing the end of life. We aspire to be the premier employer in the Napa Valley for professionals in our field.


What makes Collabria Care unique?

Collabria Care is the ONLY nonprofit (501c3) provider of hospice services, based in the Napa Valley, where we have served for nearly four decades. Our agency offers a continuum of care for individuals and families, tailoring teams of professionals – which may include physicians, nurses, social workers, volunteers, spiritual counselors, and occupational, physical, and speech therapists – to address the needs of each individual and family.

Our spectrum of services is offered through two divisions – Collabria Care and Collabria Hospice – and four service lines. Collabria Care offers Alzheimer’s services, our award-winning Day Program, and Palliative Services; Collabria Hospice offers end-of-life care and bereavement services. This continuum of care makes it possible for us to partner with individuals and families who need us during every step of life’s major transitions.

We’re innovative, we’re values-driven, we’re firmly established! Join the Collabria Care team, and see how you can further your career in service to others.

Open positions at Collabria Care are offered and processed through the Providence-St. Joseph Health website.